Nativity Collection in the Hofburg

The Nativity Museum in the Hofburg in Brixen is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary collections in South Tyrol. Among the majestic walls of this historical residence, a trip begins through eras and cultures, through different materials and Nativity scene artists. Not just representations of the Nativity using clay, wood, wax, paper, and ivory, but also the chronicle of different biblical stories. This is why the collection of diocesan Nativity scenes constitutes a magnet for visitors, not just in winter, but also in summer. A large, quiet room crossed by winding vaulted passages contains an entire range of Nativity scene art from the centuries. Made of every material and coming from every country, the Nativity scenes are fascinating, especially for their realistic scenes rich in detail. Sickness and death are depicted as much as hope, love, and the birth of Christ. Here, in the Hofburg of Brixen, scenes of life, history, and art come together in a fascinating exhibition, whose focus consists of the two liturgical Nativity scenes commissioned by Prince-Bishop Karl Franz von Lodron.